Aiweidian@povidone-iodine gel

Aiweidian@povidone-iodine gel

GMP certificate product  
【Product name】 povidone-iodine gel
【Main ingredients】 Povidone-iodine is 0.5g calculated by available iodine
This product can be used in the treatment of vulvovaginal candidiasis disease bacterial vaginosis and vagina mixed infection.
【Dosage and usage】 5g once, one time a day, 7~10 days is one course of treatment
【 Specification 】

5g:0.5g(5% available iodine)


【 Packing】 High density polyethylene pre-filled syringes: 5g/syringe, 5 syringes/bag, 1 bag/box.
【Shelf life】 Two years

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